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Short-Term Insurance


Short term insurance is a valuable method of ensuring the security of your wealth and possessions without long-term commitment and large premiums.

Life is full of uncertainties, for which we attempt to prepare. One often hears of cars getting stolen, hijacked, damaged or homes being burgled, flooded, or even burnt down. While you hope it never happens to you, there is always the nagging feeling that something may go wrong.

A short-term insurance policy allows you to protect your valuables against an unexpected loss that you may not be able to afford. In a nutshell, short-term insurance allows you to tell your insurance company what you want to protect and at what value. The insurance company will then calculate how much it will cost for them to bear the burden of the risk of something going wrong and charge you a monthly premium based on the level of risk. To calculate this risk, insurers take into account factors such as your age, gender, where you live, security measures, value of the item insured and previous claims.

Short-term insurance policies generally come in the following categories:

  • Motor (accident, fire and theft)
  • Household contents (everything in your home)
  • Home owner’s insurance (your house and all its fixtures and fittings)
  • Personal valuables insurance (items that you or your family members are likely to take with you when you leave the house such as cameras, cell phones and laptops)
  • Personal liability (cover against the possibility of being sued where it is found that you are responsible for somebody’s death or injuries)

You have heard all the insurance ads on the radio and seen them on TV. Getting good value for money is much more than just saving on premiums. What you really need is peace of mind.

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